Five Concepts for Beginner Pianists by Jazer Lee

In this YouTube video, Jazer explains five things he wishes his piano teacher had made him do when he started learning to play. I really like the clear way he explains them, so please do look at his video:

You will also have heard me say these things before!

  1. Learn to recognise and understand chords.
  2. Practise the right notes.
  3. Use a metronome.
  4. Get good at sight-reading.
  5. Set high goals, but also remember to have fun at the piano.

Jazer Lee also recommends a metronome watch. I’d never heard of metronome watches until I saw this video. He uses the Soundbrenner with a vibrating metronome. Amazon lists different models of these, ranging from just under £30 to over £200 in price. I do think it sounds a great idea, because so many people find it difficult to listen to the click and also concentrate on playing. With something vibrating on your arm, that would make it easier.

Have a look, see what you think.

I have tried the Pulse app on my Apple Watch, but I’m not impressed with the haptics. They are rather feeble, in my opinion anyway, and I wouldn’t be able to feel the beat while I was playing. Perhaps it’s because my watch is too loose on my wrist – I don’t know!

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