You’ll find articles on how to get the best out of your music learning under the Tuition tab.

Click on “Practising!”, and you’ll find articles which use some cool initials that will help you remember exactly what to do! (as long as you remember the initials!) These things are called INITIALISMS by the way, though you may hear them referred to as acronyms.

Strictly speaking, the initialisms I use are not acronyms. Some initialisms are acronyms, but mine aren’t, because they can’t be pronounced as a word. For example, RADAR is an acronym (the letters stand for RAdio Detection And Ranging) and it can be said as a word, so it’s an acronym. So is SCUBA (which means Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus).

I use the letters AFC and CTS. Intrigued? To find out more, read the article! It really help you practise efficiently and productively, and the result will be greater progress and greater enjoyment too! Have fun!

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