Castle Rory Music

I am passionate about mediaeval music, and have taught myself to play the gittern, a guitar-like instrument of the period. I have two gitterns, both made by Ugo Casalonga of Casa-Liutaiu in Pigna, Corsica. It was my great pleasure to visit Ugo in his workshop in Pigna in May 2022, and it was there that I bought the smaller of my two gitterns.

The larger gittern, which is modelled on that shown in a 15th century painting, is the one I am using in the video clip below. This gittern was also built by Ugo Casalonga, and I bought it in September 2019 at the Medieval Music in the Dales festival in Castle Bolton, Yorkshire.

The clip is from a performance which was recorded for the Medieval Music in the Dales festival in September 2020, when the festival was delivered online. Sound and video are by Kit Marsden of Manek Studios.

I hope you enjoy the song, Reis Glorios, by Giraut de Bornhelh (1138-1215). It was filmed in the lovely setting of 12th century All Saints Church in Hemblington.

I am happy to perform a programme of mediaeval songs and dances for your special occasion, and would love to discuss this with you, so please do get in touch if this music touches you as it does me.